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    Error during import sample data - Solutions

    A) No Connection

    We provide a tool to help the user can use our data to form an overview, call The Importer. And to do that, this tool needs to be connected to our server to download plugins, xmls, images, configuration..etc.. So your computer MUST connect to internet while import sample data.


    B) Missing Sliders and Contact Forms

    We used 2 plugins LayerSlider( commerce licence ) and ContactForm7 ( free licence ), two that plugins will be downloaded while you import sample data.

    1. Our server overload, try again later
    2. Cause your server configuration, Take this action before re-import
    3. Could not install by any efforts: Download LayerSlider Plugin and install manually.


    C) Missing images (imported successful pages, post, menu...)

    Could not see images after import data, Resolve:

    1. Make sure you did this action
    2. Install plugin "Wordpress Reset" after active -> Tool -> Reset ( Need to reset all before re-import )
    3. Active Aaika theme and import data again.