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    Change Login / Register link

    Current our theme enable login/register links on header. If you want to change them to your custom links, please follow guide:

    Firstly, check your setting of theme what header you are using. Ex: Header 11

    Second, open file header-*.php at /wp-content/themes/linstar/templates/header

    Ex: header-11.php ( as Header 11 on setting)

    Then file to lines as bellow:

                <a href="<?php echo wp_registration_url(); ?>" class="mrbut two"><?php _e('Register', KING_DOMAIN ); ?></a>
                <a href="<?php echo wp_login_url(); ?>" class="mrbut"><?php _e('Login', KING_DOMAIN ); ?></a>

    Change your link on href attribute of <a> tag then save to see result.


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