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    How to update the theme?

    Step 1: Go to themeforest.net and login

    1. Go to tab "Settings" (1)  
    2. Go API Keys (2) 
    3. Put the name for API (3) and Click Generate API Key (4)
    4. After generate key, Copy that key (5)



    Step 2: Download Envato Toolkit Plugin and install into your site 

    1. Login your wp-admin and go to plugin Envato Toolkit (1)
    2. On tab Settings, Enter your Envato Username (4) and the API key (5) what you coped from step 1
    3. Tick (6) to keep old data theme when you update newer version
    4. Click Save Setting to verify and get update.



    Step 3: Do update new version 

    After do step 2 successful, Click on tab "Theme" (2), If there are a new version available, then you will see as image bellow. Click Update Automatically (3) to do update.


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